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Star has extensive experience and qualifications in the following disciplines:

Art Review

Logos, key art, game art and more! I have

a background in art and can assist in

visual direction.




Monetization Strategies

Need to hire someone? Are you a freelancer needing more jobs? It's hard to figure out how to get more money but I can give you examples of what others have done to help give you ideas. 



Something many developers can overlook easily. Are you looking to grow your game, studio, or even personal branding?  Just a few changes can make a big difference.





Marketing and Community

How to grow your audience and get more attention! I will give tips to help grow social media and work with content creators.


Book a one hour session with me. Will get to know your situation and give advice for

best course of action.

This is can be for developers,

content creators, or anyone who wants to learn more about the industry.


$85 per session

1 Hour Consulting

A live or recorded session of me playing your game. I will give constructive criticism that will really improve the gameplay. I have years of experience as a developer, publisher, and a content creator so this will be very valuable to get an honest audience perspective. Note: This is not QA

$350 per session

Up to 3 hours


This comes with a free half hour discussion to see if I can meet your needs. Will spend two weeks giving personal attention

to your game business including social media, discord, website,  and content review. I can help recommend best course of action to get your studio on

track .

Starts at $2000


Please don't book unless you are 100% ready! If you're not sure you can DM on Twitter or Discord

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